Best Durango Restaurants

The best Durango restaurants are an eclectic collection of casual and high end dining in a small town setting. If you are only in town for a short time, choose the best Durango has to offer. These Durango restaurants are deliciously creative, each unique in flavor and presentation. They have one thing in common, they never disappoint.


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The Kennebec Cafe

The Kennebec Cafe offers Mediterranean inspired meals of local ingredients. Enjoy their deliciously unique flavors paired with your choice of local wine or beer. Their patio provides a gorgeous view of the la Plata Mountains. Or, enjoy your meal in their warm welcoming dining area. This elegant cafe changes their menu regularly which will keep you coming back for a new experience every visit!

Call: 970-247-5674



Ken and Sue’s

This casual culinary dining experience is routed in excellence. Owner Ken personally creates the menu and remains the head cook of Ken & Sue’s. He takes the time to train every member of his staff to ensure the highest level of service. Paired with Sue’s determination for a quality experience in every visit, Ken and Sue’s is a commonly agreed upon favorite in the Durango area.

Call: 970-385-1810



Season’s Rotisserie & Grill focuses on seasonally changing American-style menus centered around a relaxed high quality service experience. The restaurant’s motto is “take the best ingredients and let them speak for themselves.” Season’s goes out of their way to use the freshest local ingredients and keep the dishes simple so the ingredients can shine. Their staff is trained on a weekly basis to maintain consistency in general service and menu knowledge. They take food preparation to the next level with their open kitchen setup allowing guests to observe the attention to detail that goes into every dish. This restaurant is exceptional in the Durango food scene.

Call: 970-382-9790



Guido’s is easily the best choice for gourmet Italian dining and takeout in Durango. Its deli is full of delectable meats and cheeses for purchase along with an authentic Italian meal. Most of the ingredients are imported directly from Italy, giving every dish that genuine Italian taste. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and homey.  Escape to Italy without leaving our beautiful town of Durango with this delicious eatery and deli.

Call: 970-259-5028


Mahogany Grille

The Mahogany Grill will take you back in time with their elegant old western decor. Food and drinks are expertly prepared to seduce your senses. Every ingredient is selected by hand from local farms when available and every cut of meat is prepared in-house by their personal butcher. Cocktails are handcrafted at your table. The overall service and experience are top notch!

Call: 970-247-4433


Cyprus Cafe

The Cyprus Cafe has won awards from acclaimed sources such as the New York Times, Bon Appetit, and Sunset Magazine. Their Summer outdoor dining setup has been voted “Best Outdoor Patio in Durango.” Not only do they provide incredible foods combining the flavors of Greece, North Africa, and the Southwest for a unique dining experience, they are also well-known for their commitment to farm to table and sustainable ingredients. The Cyprus Cafe is truly a gem among Durango restaurants and should be part of any food lover’s itinerary.

Call: 970-385-6884


East by Southwest

East by Southwest is a Durango favorite. This innovative sushi bar combines the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine with new age cooking techniques that leave guests savoring every bite. Their presentation and flavor profiles are imaginative and aesthetically pleasing. Their fish is flown in from sustainable sources around the world and change seasonally to ensure freshness. East by Southwest also offers exceptional American Kobe, Black Angus Beef, organic poultry, and vegetarian options.

Call: 970-247-5533



Chimayo Stone Fired Kitchen is defined as a contemporary Southwestern bistro. Every dish is bursting with flavor and that delicious charred taste you only get from a stone-fired hearth oven. As good as the food, a vibrant ambience surrounds you the moment you walk in.

Call: 920-259-2749


The Red Snapper

The Red Snapper has been voted best seafood restaurant in Durango for the past 27 years. If you are craving upscale seafood The Red Snapper is the obvious choice. Their food is always excellent and their service efficient and very friendly.

Call: 970-259-3417


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